HEAR Nepal (Health Education Awareness and Rights) is a Nepalese registered association working to improve the situation of the Nepalese people, especially in rural areas. HEAR Nepal has been in existence since 2005 and has carried out a number of projects, mainly in the area of health. The focus of the work of HEAR Nepal is currently in Bajhang, one of the 77 districts in Nepal, located in a remote part of Western Nepal.

HEAR Nepal is carrying out a multi-year Girls’ and Women’s project in Bajhang and, to implement the project, is hiring:

  • 1 Bajhang Project Coordinator;
  • 2 Staff Nurses / ANM;
  • 2 Male Health Assistants / CMA;
  • 2 Organizers;
  • 1 Accountant;
  • 1 Office assistant.

Eligible Nepali citizens wishing to apply for these positions should do so within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of this notice by sending an email  to  joshimprasad@gmail.com.

Project Description

The project entails teaching schoolgirls and -boys about puberty, menstruation and menstrual hygiene (MHM), gender equality, superstition, harassment, and other topics in secondary and lower secondary government schools in Bajhang. It also includes providing the schoolgirls who are menstruating and their mothers with reusable, environmentally friendly sanitary pads.

For the girls we have developed and translated an easy-to-read booklet from English to Nepali. It is entitled Kishoree, which means “Puberty” (girls) and deals with the topics of puberty, menstruation and menstrual hygiene, gender equality, superstition and harassment. The booklet has been authorized by the Ministry of Health and Population to be used as teaching material in government schools. It has been printed and will be distributed to all schoolgirls in government schools in Bajhang in classes 6 – 9, to prepare them for their first menstruation. In the first year, from March 2021 – March 2022, two specially trained nurses will go to 30 of the approximately 120 government secondary and lower secondary schools in the district of Bajhang and, based on the brochure, will spend four hours educating the schoolgirls about these topics.

In addition, the girls who are menstruating will each receive a package of 5 washable, environmentally friendly menstrual pads, manufactured by the Indian NGO Baala. Their mothers will also receive such a package, together with information about their use and about the menstrual cycle.

For the boys we have developed a companion brochure to Kishoree called Kishor, which means “Puberty” (boys). It deals with bodily changes in boys during puberty, menstruation and menstrual hygiene, gender equality, harassment and the dangers of tobacco and alcohol. In parallel with the nurses, two male health staff will be trained to teach the schoolboys in the corresponding classes for four hours about the contents in Kishor.

Please follow news for our activity updates, https://hearnepal.org/madchen-und-frauenprojekt/.

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