Dear Friends,

Our work is bearing fruit.

We are working to realize two projects in the district of Bajhang in far western Nepal:

1. The Water Filter Project: We plan to deliver and install 10 water filter stations for villages and health facilities along the rivers in Bajhang that have no choice but to drink severely contaminated river water.

This project is on its way! The filters themselves, worth about € 13,000 or $ 14,400 were donated by the German Lions Hilfswerk Association. The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation) is willing to pay for the shipping of the filters and the accessories from Germany to Kathmandu (worth approx. € 2,000 or $ 2,200). And then a German company donated € 10,000 ($ 11,100) for the project. This will pay for the accessories (€ 5,600 or $ 6,200), shipping within Nepal, water tanks and other material, installation, training, etc. We are still short by € 1.200 ($ 1,330) to get the work done. The installations will be shipped to Kathmandu this December and from February to April next year they will be installed in Bajhang. A “Water Committee,” consisting of 4 persons, will be instructed in the construction, use and maintenance of the filters and will be responsible for them.

Paul filter station in Kathmandu

2. The Girls’ and Women’s Project: We have created an easy-to-read educational brochure called “Kishoree”(“Puberty”) for schoolgirls in grades 6 – 9 (aged 11 – 14). We have now had it translated to Nepali and layouted, and it has been approved by the Ministry of Education to be taught in schools. This of itself was a long, intense process. At the end, a full day meeting was held with 23 representatives of various authorities and organizations, who checked each and every letter before giving us their final approval.

The brochure deals with bodily and emotional changes during puberty, the menstrual cycle and menstrual hygiene. It also discusses the topics of gender equality, sexual harassment and early marriage, as well as clarifying the difference between fact and superstition.


Each year, the brochure will be handed out to schoolgirls in 30 of the 90 schools in Bajhang to prepare them for their first menstruation. Based on this brochure, two nurses, trained by HEAR Nepal, will spend two hours teaching the schoolgirls about these topics. At the same time, they will receive a package with 3 washable, biodegradable pads that are absolutely leak-proof, have a lifetime of 1 ½ to 2 years and cost less than a third of the price of disposable pads. Separately, their mothers will also receive such packages as well as basic information about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

Menstrual pad by the Indian NGO “Baala“

We are now busy applying for funding from different foundations and government organizations and we are optimistic that the project can begin in early April next year.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Sten and Karin

P.S. Should you wish to donate to our projects, we would most highly appreciate small regular donations. If we, for example, receive a donation of € 10 from 100 persons, we could thereby cover the costs for our Kathmandu Team. ( Thank you.