Nepal is faced with serious health problems: Diarrhea, dysentery, worm infections, anemia, typhoid fever and HIV/Aids are widespread. Malnutrition, bad sanitary conditions, insufficient personal hygiene, a lack of menstrual hygiene and child marriages contribute significantly to this situation.


Our vision is to use the enthusiasm and energy of the younger generation to raise awareness about health and prevention, first in the schools and then in the population at large, especially in rural areas.


In all secondary government schools in Nepal, “School Health Clubs” – 3 boys and 3 girls – will be established. They undergo an intensive five-day health training and thereafter pass on what they have learned, an hour a week for the rest of the school year, to their fellow students.

Proof of Concept - 2017

Proof of Concept – 2017

In 2017 a proof-of-concept program was carried out, whereby health clubs were created, trained and supervised in six schools in Kathmandu. Six community meetings, one in each school, were held with the guardians of the Health Club members, the teachers, the School Management Team and the HEAR Nepal team. All students in all six schools underwent health checkups, which included basic testing of blood, urine and stool.

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Pilot – 2018

In April and May two 5-day trainings were conducted with a total of 16 school health clubs (a total of 96 students) in the same way as in 2017. The health clubs are currently teaching their fellow students weekly about health issues, supervised by staff from HEAR Nepal. Later in the year the guardians of all students will participate in two-day workshops, one for each of the 16 schools.

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In Nepal, millions of people are at risk of infection and thousands die every year due to bad hygiene, a lack of sanitary facilities, communicable diseases, malnutrition and other health-related issues that particularly affect the poor. HEAR Nepal is doing something about it.

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