Public, rigorous evaluation of programs’ effects is extremely rare. Most project evaluations are completed by the same agencies that carry out the projects and look only at whether immediate objectives (for example, running a training program) were achieved – not whether the projects resulted in meaningful impact for the people they served.

For this reason, we are considering carrying out health checkups of a sample of students and community adults before health clubs are created to have as a reference to determine the success of the project based on a second health checkup a few years later. However, we are currently seeking an independent organization that is willing to carry out such health checkups.

Full Transparency

It is planned that this website will provide information about the individual school health clubs, with photos of the members, specifying what topics they are teaching their fellow students at any given time. The results of regular monitoring and evaluation of the individual health clubs will also be provided.

The same level of transparency will be available regarding the finances of HEAR Nepal. Every District Health Team will have its own full-time accountant, responsible for providing full transparency of the financial aspects of the work of the District Health Team. In addition, the government’s Social Welfare Council (SWC) requires an annual full auditing of all Nepalese NGOs to be carried out by SWC staff.